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Utilities, co-ops, contractors, individuals, and corporations all can enjoy the benefits of membership in NAIL. Membership helps improve safety for lineman and others who work with high voltage electricity.

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“The NAIL Laboratory Accreditation Program Criteria”

There are Four Types of Memberships in NAIL:

Fully Accredited Members;
Independent testing laboratories are invited to become members of NAIL. All fully accredited members of the organization must be fully accredited test laboratories. In order to join, there are dues, and membership is subject to approval by the NAIL board of directors, and subject to passing the accreditation program (additional fees involved) to become an accredited laboratory.

Associate Members;
Independent testing laboratories who are not fully accredited are invited to become associate members. Associate members must submit to the accreditation program within three years of becoming an associate member or membership in NAIL will be withdrawn.

Utility Members;
Investor owned utilities, municipalities, and rural electrical cooperatives that have testing services on their premises may become utility members of NAIL. In order to join, there are dues, and membership is subject to approval by the NAIL board of directors.

Corporate Members;
Corporations that do not have testing services on their premise but who are customers of, or suppliers to, independent laboratories may become corporate members of NAIL. In order to join, there are dues to become a member and membership is subject to approval by the NAIL board of directors.

Benefits of Accreditation

Increased Business
Accredited labs have attested to the fact that their business has grown since their accreditation. Many customers are increasingly requesting that a laboratory be “NAIL-accredited”.

Improved Processes
Every laboratory is a better facility today than it was at the time of the initial inspection. This is due, in part, to the inspection process itself.

Documented Procedures
The accreditation process emphasizes the importance of detailed, documented, and followed work procedures. This can become part of what is presented to potential customers to solidify their confidence in your laboratory.

Accreditation brings a certain peace of mind to both laboratory employees and laboratory customers that the laboratory is a sound organization operating to industrywide accepted standards.

Accreditation under the NAIL program is recognized throughout the United States and Canada as an important asset to the credentials of a testing facility. The program is listed in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST Publication 831).

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